Anzac Day

Friday, April 25, 2008

Today is Anzac Day - the day we remember those who fought to give us the freedom we enjoy today!
Today Zai marched for the school in the anzac day parade. It was the smallest anzac parade I have ever seen, but that happens when there is only 1 school in the community - no marching bands, but still the veterans who on this one day get a little of the glory they deserve for what they went through. Following it a lovely service with most of the community there!

Lest we forget.

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Grandma said...

Hi Zai, hope you enjoyed your first Anzac Day march. Nity marched with her school too at Redcliffe. The parade was a very big one. Granny and Aunty Sel came and watched with Grandad and Grandma. We all had coffee and fish and chips afterwards.
We're very proud of you marching in the Anzac Day parade! love you lots, Grandma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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