Happy Birthday big 2 year olds!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today we had a double 2nd birthday !
Happy birthday big boys - Eli & Jud!! We thank God for the last 2 years of your lives - you are both such blessings!
We had our traditional birthday hunt this morning, but the twins enjoyed the matchbox cars ( which was the first present opened) & so I think Zai & Ellie enjoyed the hunt most - they certainly enjoyed working out the clues & opening the pressies for the boys ! The boys were definetely spoilt by family - thanks to you all! We went to preschool cleaning this arvo & the boys got even more pressies from friends there & finally birthday dinner- with a visit from some neighbours for cake ( & more presents) - all in all fun birthdays!

Here is Daddy helping Jud blow out his candles (Jud had just stolen a lolly off the cake, so his mouth was very full when he tried to blow them out)!

This is Jud's cake ( I didn't have much time to do the cakes as I had to disinfect a cow shed this morning & so didn't have time to ice the cakes til 4pm! - please don't critique them too harshly)

Big brother Zai helped Eli with his candles ( I let Eli choose which cake he would like & he studied the seashore one & them looked at the race track & pointed straight to it - I know Jud would have chosen it as well if he had the choice.)

The cars were lollies - I know they are mangled, but that is how they came- Zai thought the grey one had had an accident!


Kate said...

Happy birthday beautiful boys...looks like mummy did an amazing job on those cakes, wish we could have been there! xxoo

Renata said...

The cakes certainly weren't up to your standard, Kate. Wished you guys were here as well!!

Phil & Christine said...

The two years have gone so fast. And have they grown.Looks like they had a gret day. The cakes looks good renata considering the time frame.

Grandad said...

It's hard to believe that two years have gone!!!! Wish the boys all the best for the next year Lots of love from Grandad and Grandma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Grandma said...

Hi, they are all soooo... gorgeous! And the cakes looked scrumptious too. The boys certainly looked as though they liked them...Give them all a big hug and kiss and lots of love from Grandma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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