Nita's baby update!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

These are posted especially for Nita, as she wanted updates on our babies.
It was very difficult to get photos of these 2, because as soon as I walk into the paddock they run up to me & won't leave me alone! - I had to get these through the fence! - oh well the price of love (well you have to get something for feeding their tummies twice a day). I think Hiccup-Boy is trying to wean himself, as this morning he didn't drink much milk at all, but he LOVES the pellets & hay that we give them!
He is still quite small, but Whitey is probably twice the size he was when we got him & he comes up & bunts my legs & almost knocks me over!
Sorry no sheep updates yet - will get some pikkies when they recover from the sore legs that Billy left them with.

1 comment:

Nita said...

Oh!!! my babies are sooooo cute...I can't believe Hiccup exploded. That's so emotional.
I luv you Hiccup...sob
Give Smoochie and my sheep big cuddles from me...and all of the kiddos too ;-).
Luv you all
Nita xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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