One green patch.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Today the kids were playing in the one green patch of lawn when I had the sudden inspiration to pull out the camera!

I just love this photo of Jud ( above is Eli).


Grandma said...

What a gorgeous bunch of sweeties!!! How big is your patch of lawn? They are lovely piccies. I might try and download a couple and print off to put in a frame I have. If not, I'll get some off you sometime! Give all a huge hug and lots of kisses. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Grandad & Grandma said...

Dad pointed out how much Judah (in the picture with Zai) looked like a Warne boy - Brent actually! Amazing, same expression as Brent had in a photo in his younger days. yet in the other photos he doesn't look like him (A bit like Ellie in the photos a couple of weeks ago). Love Dad & Mum

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