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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Today it is grey, but yesterday it was like this - bright & sunny & dry. This is my washing line view & I feel really blessed because I love the open space, fresh air & endless sky. Sometimes when I'm missing all the city delights (coffee shops, shopping centres, etc) I just have to hang out my washing & I stop & enjoy the view, just for a minute, & it helps me relax & think how blessed I really am. I always feel closer to God when I'm out in his creation!

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Grandma (aka Jenny) said...

Hi Narn, I know just how you feel - the washing line was (and still is!!) the place where I go just to 'hang out' by myself sometimes (in more ways that one!!!) As I look at the lovely blue sky, framed by all the different colored tress in our back yard, it never fails to move me to thank God for His fantastic creation. It also reminds me of Genesis 2:9 'And the LORD God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground - trees that WERE PLEASING TO THE EYE and good for food'.
Can't wait to come and enjoy your view! Enjoy 'hanging out' (people who use driers all the time don't know the joy they miss out on!!
Lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxxx

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