A very cozy sleepy morning!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

This morning Dave & the boys had a rare sleep in ( even I slept in till 7:19 - had to get up to do the mooing babies)!!!
I couldn't resist snapping this pikkie after I got out of bed - yes I was sleeping next to Zai - kind of squishy!!!


Wally said...

Only one twin??? Where's the other one???
Love Wally

Kate said...

too too beautiful :) xo

Anonymous said...

So peaceful! Sarah certainly doesn't lie in our bed like that. She thrashes about and then Simon starts tickling her.

We all love looking at your blog photos and miss you all heaps.

Lots of love S,K,S & C

Phil & Christine said...

Everyone looks very peacefull, I thought David would be up feeding the calves!!!!!!.

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