Monday, May 5, 2008

I often mull over God's sense of humour. I remember Mum always saying that God has a sense of humour & I wonder if when he was looking at my life his thoughts went something like this:
" Let's send her a child, a gorgous boy with a sensitive personality just like her... someone to love & nurture"
"Well she handled that one fine ... let's send her a girl this time, .... but let's really see what Renata's made of - let's send her a STRONG WILLED CHILD"
" Well she barely blinked at that one... let's make this a bit different... let's send twins this time- oh & make them rambunctious, energetic boys & when they turn 2 then we'll REALLY see what she's made of (hahahahahaha)"
OK I know that God isn't actually like this - he is love itself & that each of my gorgous kids are beautiful gifts from him, but today after twin 2 year old tantrums at the bank, the library & then the grocery store, I just wondered WHY ME??!!?? - not that I would give them away - I love them more than I can ever say - I'm just hoping that this difficult year goes very fast - because I may not leave the house again until they turn 3!!!

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The beautiful corina said...

So other than the twins tantrum - is it a good library???????????????

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