Just one orange at a time...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Tuesday the twins & I spent an enjoyable morning with our very generous neighbour picking oranges from her orange tree. She said that she had some oranges that she was going to throw out but they would probably be alright for juicing, so I was expecting a box of dodgy oranges, however she just grabbed a box off her veranda & said please take all you can use off the trees!!!!
So above is what I started with...
And this is the end result after hours of juicing ( well I only had one of those plastic handjuicers)!! (plus about 4 litres we already drank!)
I ran out of drink containers, so I am freezing the extra in old icecream containers.

"Mum, this is the BIGGEST orange I've ever seen" - Miss Ellie


Kimmie said...

How fun...you certainly will get your vitamin C that way- and with a hand juicer, you will have one very muscular arm Renata!

The ice cube tray is a great idea. I do the same when I make pesto sauce. They I pop it into ziplock bags and it gets us through the winter here in Connecticut.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Kylie said...

Cool, sounds like a good day. Very impressive to juice all those oranges with a hand juicer!

Yes Ellie, that is a massive orange!

Miss seeing you all, lots of love

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