My new toy!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is Dave's newest ebay purchase (actually I think it isn't his most recent anymore)!! Apparently it is for me ( haha - sure Davey)... OK it is a lot of fun to ride, but unfortunately it has a pull starter, so it is difficult for me to start (thus my suspicions that I am not the actual intended recipient ). It was however a very good deal, so can't complain ( love ebay) & it will be handy to get around the farm - so maybe my handsome hubby was just being kind!!!
Oh & sorry about the photo - every photo I took he looked soooo serious in, but he was actually smiling in between them!!


Phil & Christine said...

The bike looks great, when will we see pictures of Renata on it? Mum said David looks hansom on the bike. We will pray for rain for you and your neighbours.

Kate said...

sure was all for Nata...just keep telling yourself that...we all believe you!!!

Kylie said...

Cool! The bike looks like fun!

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