Poor, poor Whitey!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is a ring castrator & yesterday poor Whitey got it tried out on him!
I think this will be very useful when Ellie starts to date. I can just see it now.....
SCENE ONE: Dave sitting there playing with this contraption . Ellie's date sitting doing the polite "parent talk" while eagerly waiting for girlfriend to HURRY UP...
Dave: "Well son, have you ever seen one of these before?"
Boyfriend (complete with squeaky voice): " No sir, what is it?"
D: " This is a ring castrator ( demonstrates how it works)"
"Now son what time are you going to have my precious, innocent princess home?"
BF: "9:30pm, sir"
D: " What time was that?" (opening & closing the rc)
BF: "Uhhhhh actually 8:30pm sir"
I think all dads with daughters should invest in one of these!!!

By the way Whitey survived & is impossible to photograph as the minute I walk into the paddock he has to be sucking on my fingers, but who can resist such big brown eyes?!!!


Grandma said...

I'm surprised you didn't photograph the whole operation!!!

Give Ellie a big kiss and hug and tell her we love her heaps (oh yeah, and the boys too!

Love mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps the blue blogspot looks good (though it looked good before!)

Heather said...

Ha! I love the conversation between Daddy and the potential suitor!

My husband is already having heart palpitations at the thought of his baby girls dating. Perhaps we should look into getting one of those contraptions?

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