The strange Y Chromosome!!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dave has only got 2 sisters & I always thought he missed out not having a brother. However God has blessed us with 3 sons & they are all just like their daddy. They LOVE (wait I don't think I can write that large enough) aeroplanes. This is bigger than an infatuation, this is a strange genetic phenomenon that is obviously passed down in the Y chromosome.
I walked into the study to investigate the "quietness" of the household, when what do I find? 4 males glued to the screen playing an aeroplane computer game! I was able to photograph them without them even turning around!!!
Forgive my ignorance of the male gender, but I am the eldest of 5 girls - that's right GIRLS- no brothers = no wrestling, no football fanatics, & NO AEROPLANES!!!
At least I have one little girl I can understand ( well sometimes understand!!!)


Grandma said...

Hi Dave, Zai, Eli & Jud,
Well, Grandad just looked at you all. He missed out on all that sort of thing - the only decent toy he got was a train set, and the aunties wrecked that! Looks like you're all pretty absorbed. At least Mummy will know how to get all you guys out of her hair!!!! Only joking Dave!!!!
By the way, you all look very serious!!! Lots of love Jenny (Grandma)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kylie said...

LOL (laugh out loud)!! I wonder if our X chromosome has been designed to not understand the strange Y chromosome behaviours!

Oh well something for me to look forward to. Simon is already introducing Cam to the football and motor racing.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses

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