Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No, this isn't the latest containment method - hmmm now there's a thought !
I was innocently talking on the phone to my dad, when I heard double cries & I raced into our bedroom to see the twins stuck like this. I immediately burst into laughter & had to run for the camera!
Yes mum, I did pull them out!


Aunty Sel said...

Those poor little darlings!!! Fancy getting stuck at the same time....
Give them a hug for me,
Aunty Sel

Aunty C said...

That is brilliant narn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate said...

oh I know they are sad but it's just too too funny!! :p :p

Sandra Kennedy said...

Their faces are so sad but this is too funny! How did they manage to do it?
Sandra K

Kylie said...

Oh that is so funny, the poor little boys. Very funny that they got stuck the same way at the same time! Love the pic where you just see their legs.
Lots of love, hugs and kisses to those precious twins and to the rest of you. S,K,S&C

Grandma said...

My poor little darling grandsons - what can I say??? I used to wonder what sort of people could film their little darlings falling off a swing, or crashing a bike into something and send it into 'Funniest Home Videos'- now I fear that I know!!! Woe! woe! woe!Wait til they start playing tricks on their mummy - I wonder if they'll go rescue her first or grab the camera for a quick pikkie!!! Oh well, still love you anyway Narn xxxxxxxxx
ps for anybody else who reads the blog comments - we didn't do that sort of thing to her!!!!

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