Monday, May 12, 2008

Since moving out west 4 months ago, we have had 5 flat tyres!!!
1 - Renata on dirt road $22
2- Renata on a different dirt lane ( & then onto bitumen) - tyre totally destroyed (ohoh) $254 replacement tyre
3- Renata running over screw left by twins on driveway (decided to replace tyre due to then having 4 new tyres on car) $254
4- DAVE ( yes finally him) on paddock $22
5- Dave picked up nail in brand new tyre on same paddock same day $22
Well I know I have costed us MUCH more ( yes Dave was very quick to point that out), but at least I didn't have 2 flats on the same day!!!
I wish they had a tyre option on our insurance - would certainly be worth it!!

Ellie was Daddy's big helper with putting the tyres back on the car after I had to take 3 to the repairer -one just had the white writing on the outside - rest had it on the inside ( & Dave says I'm picky - I wouldn't care about that!!)

Daddys big helpers!!!


Grandma said...

Your poor things - you must be on a first name basis with the tyre people. I bet they rub their hands when they see you coming!!!
Sel's suggestion - grow potatoes in the old tyres (seriously) - out of New Internationalist magazine!!!
Tel Ellie, she looks so gorgeous in the latest piccies. Lots of love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Grandad & Grandma said...

On looking at these piccies, Grandad commented that Elly's looking taller and slimmer! Mind you, it doesn't look like it'll be long before those boys catch up to her!

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