What me quirky??!!??

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My darling friend Kate (who has an absolutely amazing blog) has tagged me - for those who don't know, basically it is that you have to write 6 things about yourself that relates to the current topic - todays is quirks. Well I really had to think on this one & it took 4 or 5 hours ( no really seconds) to think of mine, so here goes:

1 Unlike Kate I MUST have the toilet paper going over the front of the roll. This is the only way to have it & I just cannot understand the down the wall people (sorry Kate). I also change it at other peoples houses, so Kate's made me laugh when she said she also changes it at other people's homes - we've probably been driving each other crazy changing the toilet paper at each other's homes!!

2 I like to watch the finale of reality TV shows. I don't watch the actual shows, but I love watching the finale.

3 I am a "cheaper by the dozen" mum & would love to keep on having children. I love big families & think people are so blessed who have lots of children. Unfortunately for me I married a guy who only wanted 2 ( well he has come around to 4) & also I had all mine by cesarean section so 3 of these is probably enough.

4 I have to read while doing No 2's - ( OK I may have lots of toilet related quirks). I cannot go if I'm not reading - this goes so far as changing toilets when I feel the need coming on (to one with some mags in) & even reading air freshner bottles if I'm at someone elses house.

5 I must have my bed made before I can go out in the morning. I have made my bed diligently since I was about 8 years old & I just cannot leave if the bed is unmade (unlike some of my sisters).

6 My favourite colour is pink - OK so is every second person's these days, but my favourite colour has been pink all of my life - before it became trendy!

Well I'm sure everyone has learnt something new about me, so that's it - my quirks (well some of them anyway).
NB: Sorry that the photo is from christmas - I have no up to date ones as I'm always the one taking them.


Kate said...

Although I am a recovered addict from reading whilst doing number 2's (I'm not sure when it stopped, but I think it's because usually I can't find any reading material when I need it) but I just wanted to add my support in saying I too have resorted to reading air freshner cans and thought I was the only complete freak in the world that did this. I now know I need not feel so alone :) :) xo

Kylie said...

Very interesting and a bit worrying!! Simon and Sarah also love reading/looking at books in the toilet (and not necessarily while doing no 2's). Sarah and I both like the toilet paper facing out.

Mum said...

Will post 5 paper bags down by Express post for Dave and the kiddies to wear when they go out with their mum!!!
What if one of them goes on to be Prime Minister and somebody drags up their mum's toileting habits!!! The media could have a field day with it.
Some of your traits seem to be hereditary, however, which ones will remain secret.
Maybe I should just send one bag - for you to wear when you go out with the rest of the family.
btw - Nity said indignantly that she makes her bed every single morning (true!!!)
Lots of love anywayxxxxxxxxxxx

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