Why oh why???

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I was out riding my "new toy" around our paddocks where our neighbours adjisted sheep are lambing at the moment when I came across the smallest, skinniest, weakest, ugliest lamb I have ever seen. Unfortunately I have much too soft a heart & stopped to have a look. It seemed to understand that I was kind-hearted because it began to walk towards me with this pleading look in it's tiny eyes - of course now I'm going to be up all hours feeding the wee little thing ( if it survives, which I highly doubt as it is much smaller than the other lambs I've seen & increadibly weak). So now every time I enter the bathroom (not the ones the family uses), I do so with this clenched stomach hoping that I will see movement under the towel - why oh why do I do these things???


Kate said...

awwww :( :( that makes me sad! You are tougher than me girlfriend, I couldn't hack the whole "animals dying in the fields" thing. You must have always been a true farm girl at heart! xo

Heather said...

Because you're a good, kind person :)

Poor little baby...I hope he makes it.

Saminda said...

Did the lamb survive Renata? I just came across this old post of yours, and got curious!

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