Memory Verse Misinterpretation!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Each week we have a family memory verse. Last weeks was from Ephesians 4:32 "Be kind & compassionate to one another"
Unfortunately Ellie & Zai had difficulty with the word compassionate, so their final interpretation of the verse is
"Be kind & PASSIONATE to one another"
Oh dear I think this may be trouble in the years ahead !!!!
(The photo is from over a year ago, but is so cute (the beautiful bride), I couldn't resist using it.)
Eli & Jud only managed "Be kind" - hope they take that to heart!!!


Grandma said...

Such a good idea!!! Your're never too young (or old!) to take God's Word to heart! I still have many of the verses I learnt as a new Christian, and of course the passages learned by Narn & Sel at Mt I Christian College all those years ago. (Yes, when Mum's hear those passages over and over - especially when one daughter is absolutely FANATICAL about getting each word correct - they learn them off by heart too.) (and the 100 + verses I had to learn at MCM!!
I heartily recommend that you start them on passages in the next couple of years. It's hard work (harder for parents I think!!!), but so worth it. And of course, I'm sure Dad & Mum are already memorizing passages!!!!! I am trying to memorize Rom 8:18-39 at present - haven't got too far, but you've jolted me back to it!!! Thanks.
Meanwhile, continue to be kind and 'passionate' to one & other!!! Hey, God does want us to be passionate Christians!!!!! That's a good verse for parents too!!!
(You can edit out some of this Narn if it's too much rambling for your blogspot - it was really meant to encourage you!!!
God bless, lots of love and kisses Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PS Tell the littlies I'm very, very proud of them learning God's Word!!!!

Kate said...

well we both have overtly passionate children then...Isaac is currently going around singing "and I get to kiss you baby just because I can". Hmm, maybe I should cut down on playing Michael Buble in the car...

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