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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If todays blog makes no sense, here's the reason:
That's right, I've got 3 babies (potty lambs) - only born yesterday. That means 3 hourly feeds. I know I did it with the twins (for 3 months being premmies), but at least I could feed them at the same time (twin breastfeeding is a beautiful thing!!- now there's another blog topic), however I have to feed the lambs one at a time (I am much too un-coordinated to hold 2 bottles at the same time for lively lambs that want to climb all over me!!)
Anyway yesterday evening our neighbour came by & asked if I wanted to be a mum. With trepidation (because I knew what it meant) I said sure, not expecting 3 lambs. Unfortunately these little guys only have a 10% survival rate, so I told the kids to expect them to be dead in the morning (harsh I know, but they may as well not get too attatched). Excitedly this morning, Zai ran in to tell me that all 3 were alive (which I knew because I had only fed them 1 1/2 hrs earlier)!! So we'll see how they'll go for another night. And if by the end of the week my blog isn't making sense...

...well you know why!!!


Bobbie-Jo said...

SO precious, baby lambs. (I know, all lambs are babies!)

I hope they make it.

Imagine the Hebrews feeding their pet lambs before the first Passover...

Heather said...

Oh, they're so sweet. What a good person you are Renata, to take care of them! It takes real dedication.

I so hope they make it. I remember last time, I was so depressed when the little guy died!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...


Adding my blog is no problem - actually, it's neat that you think Bobbie's and mine are worthy of following.

Kimmie said...

I'll have to confess I am crying. 3 beautiful babies! My adoption wait is growing long and even baby lambs can get me weeping.

I'll be praying for your wee ones, would you pray for me, my heart is heavy.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Renata said...

I would love to pray for you, Kimmie.
Renata :)

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