My eccentric calf!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whitey gives new meaning to the phrase " licked clean" ! He makes sure he gets every last drop, then walks on his front knees (yes backhalf up in the air), nose pushing the bucket around the paddock until he is sure every single last molecule of milk is gone!

Do you think I should send this into funniest home videos????


Grandma said...

Is he still hungry???? Oh well, maybe he just doesn't want to be wasteful!!! Videos of kids or animals tend to do well so you could try...
Lots of love Mumxxxxxxxxx

Kylie said...

Send it in, send it in!! It looks sooo funny! Can't wait to show it to Sar.
Love Kylie and family

Heather said...

Oh funny! I agree, this kind of thing would be great on a "Funniest Home Videos" type show. Life at your house seems like so much fun to many adventures and comical antics-from kids and animals alike!

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