Pizza Fun!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Because we don't have fast food nearby (1hr away), we often enjoy making our own versions for weekends - "easy dinners" we call them!!
Last Sunday I decided to make pizzas (homemade is also healthier & cheaper) & since we hadn't had the best day together (Dave was working all weekend & we were all exhausted from a busy Saturday), I thought it would be fun for all 4 of the children to help make the pizzas- especially since all of them LOVE to cook - Eli pulls out an apron everytime he sees me wearing one, so he can help with whatever I'm cooking!!!
Zai grated the cheese (no grated fingers) Note: this was before he lost the top tooth!!

Ellie sliced the ham - yes I know it's game to let a 4 year old use a knife, but she is very careful & I've taught her proper knife handling before.

Eli (in spotty apron) & Jud "sorted" the pineapple - OK they really just ate it - & everything else they could!!

A work in progress!

Into the oven!!

(If only I could learn to hold the camera straight!!)

The final verdict!!!


Even though it's more work, it is definitely more fun to have everyone involved!!


Grandma said...

Grandma is really looking forward to you all making her some pizza when she comes for a visit!!! Looks like lots of fun - and all the aprons are very sweet (and practical). (btw Narn, I have been wearing my apron too sometimes when I cook!!! - you got your littlies and Mother wearing aprons, wow!!!
Happy cooking. Love you all lots
Grandma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kate said...

ou are just the bestest (and the bravest!) mum :):)

megs said...

Looks yummy - I am impressed that you got all your kiddos involved, things like that always seem like so much work to me, but they make the best memories for the kids!

Heather said...

Ooooh, ham and pineapple. One of my faves! They look awesome.

Have you ever tried a pizza stone? I heard you can just use the saucer from a large terra cotta pot (cheaper). It supposedly makes the crust nice and crisp, but I haven't tried it yet.

Renata said...

I've never used a pizza stone, but I've also heard they're great!!

Lis & Ant, Lance & Cathy, Nat & Noah said...

Oh my goodness! All I can say is that God gave you lots & lots of patience Renata.
Looks like heaps of fun!
Love Lis

Kylie said...

They look delicious! Was it: many hands make light work or too many cooks - make a mess? The kids look like they had fun!!
Lots love S,K,S&C

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