Playgroup fun!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Once a fortnight is playgroup & I finally remembered to bring my camera this week!! Ellie, Eli & Jud really love it. Ellie & her little friend (who also goes to church & preschool) always love the dress up box!!- you should have seen the shoes they had on!! Jud really enjoyed the tunnell!
This week was one of the first times the twins actually spent some time apart playing with other children, which I was very happy to see!!

Eli loves the craft activities - Jud didn't even bother to do one as he isn't as interested as Eli! I don't know if it is just playing with the glue he enjoys, but he always spends ages gluing!!

Aren't my babies growing up!!


Grandma said...

Playgroup sure looks like lots of fun!!! That tunnell looks good! And of course Elly, Eli & Jud look fantastic. They sure are growing up fast (Won't be long Narn, and you'll be having to look up at them all!!!

Grandma said...

Playing with a glue stick looks like a very serious pastime! Lots of love, cutie pie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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