My little driver!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yesterday Zai asked Dave to pick him up from the busstop (Dave had the day off work due to planting, which was completed by this time!!)
Coming back & they're beeping the horn to get my attention ....Zai was driving!!!
Yes my little Zai - much too young - was driving the go cart!! (OK it was only at walking pace, but none the less!)

The faces tell it all!!!

(Just so grandmothers don't worry: Dave did have one hand hovering near the steering wheel !)


Grandma said...

Whoa Zai!!! Grandma better go check in the mirror to see if her hair is still its lovely 'plum' color (No!!! David - not Purple!!!!!), or whether she got such a fright seeing you driving that it all went grey!!!! Dave certainly seems to be enjoying the ride, so Zai must be a pretty good driver! (Wait til Eli & Jud wanna drive too - won't that be fun! - Elly will be an excellent driver too I'm sure!!
Lots of love to you all
Grandma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Phil & Christine said...

Wont be long and he will want the keys to the car.We know the feeling. It is a good place to learn away form the hussel and busell.

Kylie said...

Cool Zai!! You look like a good driver.
I guess learning to drive early is expected given you live on a farm!!
Love and miss you all
S,K,S&C xxxxxx

Heather said...

They both look like they're having a great time! I bet you had a flash-forward to the teenage years when you saw this:)

The amazingly gorgeous Corina said...

So, was it less stressful than teaching Nita to drive????????????????

Beautiful Princess Nita said...

Hehe, was that as stressful as teaching me to drive?????????????????????????????

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