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Saturday, July 19, 2008

After surviving an hour long car ride in a cramped box & lots of banging on the top because " Mum he makes a noise when we bang on the box"

Finally released! Yes I have added a rooster to my chicken coop!
I want to get chicks & try the whole eating them thing once their grown (don't know how that will go - maybe I'll just end up with hundreds running around everywhere like one of my uncles!!)

He was strutting his stuff amongst the hens very quickly! (& they were running after him, following him - fickle - don't they know how to play hard to get! LOL)

He even graced us with his crowing this morning (not that we could hear from inside with the house shut up tight, but it was nice outside!!)


Heather said...

He's quite regal! Did the kids give him a name?

bestfamily said...

Ahhh! I can't bring myself to eat yard eggs...much less a fully grown chicken that I'd watched grow! Just can't do it. My daughters want a chicken. One day...maybe! said...

I have bad memories of eating our own chickens. -Wolf McT

Cheryl Lage said...

What fun to open a box like that!
Bet that memory will last a good long while! :)

Grandma said...

The kids sure sounded excited, and it appears that the hens are too...About eating them..I still remember the smell of wet chook feathers when helping Granny pluck them...however, the big plus side of eating your own - they won't be full of chemicals. Just don't let them get too old, or they can get a bit tough!!!!
see you
Lots of love,
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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