Bittersweet bye-bye

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It was a very sad morning this morning as we bid Aunty E & Uncle C a safe trip home. We've had lots of fun on their visit! Zai was especially sad & it was only the offer of chocolate & a movie that cheered him up (don't know who he takes after there!!??!!) - isnt' this just the cutest photo!
Even Jud didn't want to let Aunty E go!!
Thanks for visiting - we've loved having you!


Grandma said...

Hi! Those poor little guys look so sad!! Good to see C & E's piccy - first time I've seen Aunty E without warpaint for a while!!!!
Loved your one word answers to the later post! Good to chat. Lots of love
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saminda said...

What a lovely time with family! As I've said before, your family looks very special. Hope the boys have cheered up now! :)

Aunty E xo said...

Ohhh!! It was so much fun being there :) If it's any consolation to Zai and how it took a bit to cheer him up, i did burst into tears at the end of the driveway!!

thanks for the best holiday are an incredible mum and gave both of us a reality check on whats important in life!!
Love you heaps, EJ xoxoxo

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