Daddies & their kiddies!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Debi is hosting a "daddies & their kiddies" post, so I thought I would show off some pictures of my wonderful hubby with our brood!
Above is when we were at dreamworld last year in September

Dave loves to play with the kids - he really is an excellent father! Here he is on the swingset with Zai & Ellie - don't think it's been the same since!LOL

Here is Dave & Eli - just a gorgous photo!

And I love this one - story & devotional time before bed!


BoufMom9 said...

ks so much for playing along again. :)
I LOVE the shot of your husband with Eli! Just beautiful!
And, there is always something so precious about a daddy reading stories to the kiddies.
:) Debi

Grandma said...

Hi to all the cuties (and Dave too!!!) They really are a gift from God - very precious!!
Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Grandma said...

I remember taking you and Sel (and all the other girls in later years) on that merry-go-round when I was expecting EJ!!!! (well, maybe they'd replaced it, but maybe not!!!) Do you remember going on them and flying in the planes with Sel & Carrie....That was a couple of years ago now!!!
Lots of love Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saminda said...

This is so beautiful Renata!! Those kids are blessed to have such a wonderful Father....... I'll have to dig around for some pics too. :) Sounds like fun!

I wanted to ask about your trip to Dreamworld. Stu has been dying to go again for a few years now (we haven't been since we were teens) but we wondered about how we'd enjoy it with the children at their current ages. How did you find it?

cat said...

Love the last one - all in a row just intrigued with what daddy is reading.

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh those images are so priceless! How blessed we are (and how blessed our kids) to have such wonderful Daddies. :)

Tabbatha Rose said...

Great pictures!!!

Heather said...

Oh, now I'm gonna have to do this too! I love Debi's ideas!

I really love the picture of Dave reading to the kids. They all look very enthralled with the story.

Glad you got your scales - it's fun to do this horrible diet thing together! said...

Kids and their Dads make for wonderful blog fodder! There's something about seeing them together that makes mummies just go all mushy inside:)
Thanks, I'd love to be on your blogroll if you want to include us:) I'll add you to ours unless I hear otherwise!

Deanna said...

Thank you for the invite to your blog...your family is beautiful!! Looking forward to getting to know you!!

I'm going to add you to my blog roll!!!


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