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Friday, July 4, 2008

That's right...
THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They officially started 2 1/2 hrs ago for us!!!
Following in the tradition I grew up with - we only allow "unhealthy" breakfast cereal on school holidays, so today I had to go & buy a large box of coco pops YUM!! (although with my boys it will probably only last the weekend - & when I say boys that includes Dave!!! )
Zai did very well on his mid year report - lots of A's!! (Grandad would be proud) He has adjusted very well to school, although I still miss him every day - but not for the next 2 weeks!! YIPEEEEE (can you tell I'm excited?)
Don't you love the no teeth up the top look - so cute!!


Grandma said...

Woo Hoo!!! The holidays are here...The holidays are here!!!! Sorry, Narn, I couldn't help myself!!! Good to see you're keeping up the family tradition. Mind you, I hope Nity doesn't see this cos I didn't get any this holidays for us!! (By the way, if I remember correctly, you don't mind the occasional coco pops!!!
Zai, congratulations for doing so well at school. Grandad and I are very proud of you. Well done!!! And you look very cool with your teeth out. It won't be long and those spaces will be all filled up with your big grownup teeth!!! Hope to talk to you very soon. Lots and lots and lots of love to you, Elly, Eli & Jud (and of course Mum and Dad)!!! Grandma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

megs @ whadusay said...

Enjoy your holidays!!! (and try to get some of that ceral, before the boys eat it all!) :)

Kylie said...

Congratulations Zai, on doing great at school!! You look very funny with your two front teeth missing, I bet it isn't easy to eat apples.
Yay! School holidays!! At least Zai doesn't have as many teeth that will rot out with the coco-pops!!! What a great tradition. I remember Dave always stole the coco-pops when we lived at Margate!

Leanne said...


I'm actually a Marianne Dashwood!!!!

I messed up on my names, since I'd never seen any of the movies...

Can we still be friends??


BoufMom9 said...

YIPPEE!!! I always love the school holidays! Enjoy!!!!

:) Debi
ps I started a social network for lrger families and would love for you to join. It's a great way to get to know blogger better and meet new people.

Here's the link:

Saminda said...

I love this tradition, Renata! We may have to adopt this one in our household too.........
Happy holidays to you all!!!

Heather said...

An unhealthy cereal I shall have to adopt!

It's still so funny to me that you're having your winter holidays, and we're having our summer ones!

Grandma said...

Oh, no, Narn, Nity has seen the blog and seen my comments. I have been reminded that I haven't yet bought any coco-pops and the holidays are half over here! What a failure of a mother I've turned out to be! Woe is me!!!!
Lots of love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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