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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our crop has broken through the surface!!! This is very exciting for us - our first crop! I'm sure you'll all get sick of me updating about our crop, but just as a first time mum constantly talks about her little darling, so a first time farmer....
Here is a close up Dave picked to show the kids how the roots & then plant emerge from the seeds we sowed!Here he is looking over the side paddock (the greener patch is from where the grouper truck was parked (more seed fell there))!

"Take a photo of me mum" - my little princess loves photos!


Aunty Sel said...

Hi Narn,
Try not to kill off these babies too soon. They are truly lovely...I hope they don't wake you too much at night.

Heather said...

Congratulations! Your first crop!

I feel triumphant myself...I finally got my garden in tonight! It's too late for corn and potatoes, but I put in broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beets, green beans, summer squash and pumpkins. YAY!

Saminda said...

This is so exciting for you guys!! Don't worry about giving lots of updates..... I'll be looking forward to them! :)
What is your crop?

Renata said...

Saminda, it is triticale - which is a type of feed grain used in feed mixes for animals etc. I had never heard about it until this year!

Grandma said...

Hi Ellie,
You look very daring standing up on your vehicle!!! How's your little kitten and lamby going? We'll have to have a chat on the phone soon. You were out when I called Mummy yesterday. Give all the brothers a big hug. Lots and lots of love from Grandma xxxxxxxxxxx
ps tell Dad & Mum their plants look good. We'll keep praying that you get rain at the right times. xxxxxxxxxxx

Kylie said...

Cool, well done guys! It must be exciting to see growth. Ellie looks cute standing on the go-cart. Sarah says hello! Love and miss you. Kylie

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