A Martha kind of month...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I have a confession to make... I've had a Martha kind of month - well really year in fact. When we chose to move to the country I thought country life would be quieter & easier....WRONG - I have never been so busy in my life - there are not only the normal household jobs, but add on the animals, farm maintenance & all our activities with church, preschool, school & the small community we live in & it leads to a very busy time. Unfortunately I've been allowing this to overwhelm me. I've been living as Martha - frazzled, anxious & rushed. This was the focus of my bible study this morning (Elizabeth George - God's Garden of Grace - I highly recommend it) & I felt challenged to make sure that God is the priority in my life. Too often I would rush through my bible study, not really focusing on the words, but rather focusing on the outside distractions (what needed doing, what I wasn't doing, etc). I need to have a Mary mindset - with a mission to serve, but a priority of worship! I need the peace in my life that only complete time with God can bring. That knowing I don't have to do it all by myself (& fail), but rather knowing I can do it with Him!

I think most mums can relate to this poem from God's Garden of Grace by Elizabeth George:

I'm Busy, Lord!

I'm busy Lord. Surely You can see

The thousand things that wait for me!

The dishes still lie in the sink

I cannot stop to pray or think.

Lord, I know You understand,

For You gave these children to my hand;

And now they cry & need me so,

Lord, You understand. I'd better go.

Now I've got them all to sleep,

I'd better dust & mop & sweep.

I must thaw out the meat for stew,

And the ironing is long overdue!

And kindly my Lord answered me,

"Why do you from My presence flee?

I have so much for you today.

My child, I want to hear you pray.

"I love you, child; I want you here

To rest & listen - to shed a tear.

What if Paul had stopped to say,

'Lord, I'm too busy to write letters today!'?

"No my child, I'm what you need,

Through household duties you can speed,

Yet when you're through, there's emptiness

If this quiet time you miss."

Oh, thank You Lord, for showing me

How much I need to wait on Thee.

For what's an undone dish or two

Compared with sharing time with You?!

-Nancy Stitzel


Bobbie-Jo said...

Yes, to be the Mary in a Martha world. It is a daily breathing in of His Spirit.

I would love to come run the party ... but 10 little boys sounds very ... ambitious, so alas, I cannot!


Mum (Jenny) (Grandma) said...

That poem is so true, and what you wrote is spot on....I've mentioned this before, but why is it when we take time out to spend with the Lord in His word and prayer, there's sometimes a thought that you should be doing your work, and that people think you're sitting around wasting time. However, as I write this the realization of exactly where that sort of thought comes from hit me - straight from the devil! The most important relationship we have is with the Lord, and yet it's time with Him that is the first to go when we get busy. We need to spend that quality time with Him, but we must also not beat ourselves up when it doesn't happen (I'm ashamed to admit that there were many times when I'd get really annoyed with people who called or phoned while I was having my Quiet Time....until I realized that God did know!!!) When Paul tells us to pray without ceasing, I think he means to get into the habit praying sentence prayers as we go to do something. In Hudson Taylor's biography, he wrote that his wife Maria never put pen to paper or bought something without first speaking to the Lord. I've tried to do that and haven't been very successful, but need to stick at it until it becomes a habit.
In our busyness, we need to be very careful not to forget the Lord too. You might think, I'm a Christian I'd never forget the Lord! But we are warned in Hebrews several times to be wary of drifting away from Him. The only reason those warnings are there are because that is exactly what we might do if we're not careful. Enough sermon for you Narn !!! Keep reading Elizabeth George - I've got a couple here for you to read. I'm reading one by Jerry Bridges on the Fruit of the Spirit, and it is very, very challenging. He comments that if we're not growing in holiness each day, we are heading in the opposite direction - scary thought!!! Will let you know as I read it how it is. Sorry for such a long message - but what you wrote is very true. Never be too busy for the Lord or your family and people. At the end of the day, things don't really matter (no I'm not saying we shouldn't do houseword, but you know what I mean!!!!!!)
Lots of love
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Samster.com said...

What a great perspective, and here I am talking about eating my young as a solution... perhaps your way is better;)

Cheryl Lage said...

Between the words and the gorgeous images you selected to accompany them, I feel ready to empty the dishwasher with a smile! :)

Thanks for a great starter to the day, Renata!

Heather said...

I love that poem so much that I printed it out and stuck it on my fridge!

Thanks for reminding me that the Lord must come first!

Mum-me said...

Oh dear! I think I have had a Martha kind of 6 years since we moved here to Canberra with a 7 week old baby. When I pray I usually end up falling asleep! When I read the bible I find my mind wandering off to deal with everything else that needs to be done, so I am actually reading the words but thinking about something else. It's very strange to come to the end of a chapter and realise I have no idea of what I just read!

BoufMom9 said...

This was a fantastic post! I just love that poem. I just love that you are such a spiritual person. It's so nice to come to your blog and find such comfort here.
PS Thank you so much for all of your supportive comments this past week. It meant so much.

Saminda said...

This was an important post Renata, thankyou!
Yes, it is a great poem. I think we can all be accused of being "busy". After all, as mums there is always something to do!
We do need to make time for God every day, and finding that quiet time can be a constant challenge. You're not alone!:)
For me, a continuous conversation with God throughout the whole day works best. Plus prayer-time during early-morning feeds!
Have a lovely weekend.:)

Kimmie said...

Hmmm, so hard to not fall into busyiness. So hard to not whip through devotions. So hard to find the time, but it is what God calls us to.

WE all allow ourselves to fall into fits of Marth-ism. Help us Lord, to keep you first and to let the other things come in order after you. Give us wisdom to know which things to keep and what things to let go.

thanks Renata;
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

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