Sunday morning silliness!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Yesterday there was no sunday school on, so this left plenty of time before church for silliness!
Zai & Ellie decided to "trap" Dave in the tunnel - unfortunately this didn't stop him & he jumped all over the house chasing them - the screams were hilarious!

In between him chasing them, they were trying to sneak up & tickle him!

Jud ran to mummy's arms for safety, but Eli got into the game!!

Daddy's are so much fun!


Cheryl Lage said...

Omigosh, we LOVE a fun Daddy!
(We're blessed with one, too. :) )

Did he remind you of that old puppeteering group Mummenschantz when he was in the tube?

Leanne said...

Triticale can be mixed with several other flours to make baked goods, for those who are sensitive to gluten or wheat......just a bit of FYI!

HA! That sounds like something Dave would do with our kids!! He used to get on all fours like a dog and run down the hall barking and snuffing at the kids and they'd run screaming all over!!

What memories your kids will have of Daddy and fun times when they get bigger!

Thanks for visiting me again!


Saminda said...

What a fun Sunday morning together :) Nothing I like more than just hanging out at home, laughing and having fun together!

Saminda said...

Oh, and great to see how well your crop is going! Fantastic you've had some rain to help it out. said...

We love that daddy game too! although I am usually the wet blanket that stops it when it gets to that point where you know if it doesnt someone will get hurt!

Grandma said...

The new gear suits you Dave!!! Pity Narn didn't catch you on video - she may have made her fortune on funniest home videos!!!
Hope you're all well
Lots of love

Deanna said...

OMGoodness!! I clicked on your blog to read the update and that picture totally had me LOL!!!


Kimmie said...

What fun- love the photos. For a minute I thought your sweety was wearing a gown. lol

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

BoufMom9 said...

Very cute!LOVE this!
PS I WISH I was skinny enouh to fit in there and chase the kids! LOL

The Aunties said...

Wow - Our family is really having a great influence on Dave!!!!
He can no longer call us either wierd or loud!!

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