Tuesday, August 26, 2008

......complete with gumboot toss, sock wrestling & sao eating let me present to you... the much awaited, much anticipated (well by Zai anyway) MINI- OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day started early at our house with a very excited German athlete "carbo - loading" for breakfast (well he had weetbix). I was down feeding the lambs & I heard this yelling coming from the houseyard, so I raced to find Zai yelling "it's past 9am mum" (it had in fact just gone past quarter to 7)! With such an adrenaline filled start, how could the day not be fun?
Here Zai is modeling his "uniform" ( I'm not sure where the pose originated from - no I haven't been watching MamaMia!!):
Of course Jud had to get in on the act (complete with spiky hair & matching team colour shirt!!):

The olympics started with the athletes oath & then the parade!! One of the best things about living in a teeny tiny town is that the athletes parade was down the main street of town and everyone came out of their shops to cheer!!!

Of course the German team did a great job marching!! (It's not like I'm biased LOL)

Zai's special event was "equestrian" - a lot of fun for the riders - not so much for the poor horses (Zai was one of the heaviest riders so his horse did VERY well!):

They also had some team events. This one was tunnel ball & then over- under ball! (Note the added "athlete" quickly recruited off the sidelines - yes it's me - yes I had fun!!):

Another team event Zai took place in was tug-of-war. Unfortunately they came up against the gold medal winners first up so they were quickly dragged across the line:

Overall a very fun day for kids & parents alike! They even had a medal ceremony for each event - complete with national anthem - & yes the Americans won overall!! (well this time China didn't have twice as many athletes!!)

Zai said to me yesterday " You're so lucky Mum - you get to come to the olympics - you don't just have to watch it on TV!"

9 comments: said...

How special was that!!! Lion's poor swimming teacher had to deal with him after he had been watching olympic diving. He told his teacher to build him a board to jump off!!!! She was great and encouraged it and let them do heaps of jumping in that day. I hope Zai's team were proud of their performance, I can tell at least one mummy was!!!!

Heather said...

This looks like so much fun! Our school doesn't do stuff like this. GO ZAI!

Also, I want to come live in your little town. It's soooo charming. It's like a little postcard town!

Thanks for answering my question about timtams. Saminda had to explain to me about what promite was, and also sultanas. I'm not exactly a world traveler!

megs @ whadusay said...

Wow - I love the fact that they did a parade and had the kids represent different countries - very cool!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Yeah, no rain out today. Looks like they had a blast! Thanks for following up with this story for us. It's fun to see the To Be Continued stories. Especially when they turn out positive.

Kylie said...

Well done Team Germany (plus the ring-in on tunnel ball)!! Looks like you all had a fun day. Love the pose by Zai and Jud. Wish we could have been there to cheer you on. Miss you all.

Mum-me said...

What a great day for the students and families, and how special (as you said) that the shopkeepers even came out and cheered them along the street!

Grandad said...

We are impressed by the olympic sprit shown by all. This is great to see the kids growing and learning. Grandad

Grandma said...

I agree with Zai - you are soooo lucky!!!! Looks like it was a gorgeous day, and the athletes parade looked very impressive! Good to see you in the tunnel ball team - did you win??? (I only ask because I remember your competiveness!!!) Hey, I thought it was apt that Zai was on the German team - I know he has some on Dav's side, but it was in Germany when I was pregnant with you that we met our first Renata (and pinched her name for you!!!!) Grandad was quite surprised at how tall Jud looked up against Zai!!! You definitely better get those animals grown up, to keep those guys in food when they're a bit older!!!
So glad it was a great day, and especially for Zai's sake. Lots of love and hugs to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jenn H said...

Love how you jumped in and helped out with one of the events, such a great mommy! Glad Zai got to do his mini Olympics!

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