My little morning helper!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ellie & Eli spent the morning like this: - that's right sound asleep on mum & dad's bed (some of the bedclothes were in the wash so it looks very messy). They both seem to have this flu going around - high temps & lots of sleeping.
This left Jud to be my helper for the morning. I had a lovely time spending lots of one-on-one time with him. ( I try to do this with each child every day, but it often is only 5 mins or so).
Jud always helps me feed the lambs (even when he was sick yesterday he still did - must have the farming gene dominant LOL). I wanted to get a picture as he was mobbed with all the lambs, but unfortunately today that happened to me instead!

We then made lemon slice - my boy's current favourite treat (Ellie still prefers chocolate) . Jud was a big helper with rubbing in the butter for the base & then whisking the ingrediants for the top! (Oh & tasting as we go!!)

I had a lovely time with you my little man!
Isn't he just the cutest?


Tan said...

Hello there,
The boys are growing up so fast. They are real little boys now, they're losing their babyness. I guess all I have to do is look at luc and same goes. Time just goes so fast hey. Doesn't seem that long since they were those tiny little ones in scn. I'm excited about a little one coming in the next month and a half - get my baby fix lol.
Love ya heaps.
Tan xxx said...

He is just such a charmer, what a huge help to have on the farm. Hope the others get well soon.

Grandma said...

He is just soooo.....gorgeous!!!( as they all are)!!! It's great to be able to have that one-on-one time with them. I always enjoyed it, and know how hard it can be to make it happen.
Btw is the 'Tan' (whose comments are above) your friend that I know??? If so, does that mean #3 is on his/her way??? Are they still around here, as I haven't seen 'em for ages!!!
Anyway, continue to enjoy those precious gifts the Lord has given you, cos it won't be long til they're all grown up (you can still enjoy them then, but enjoy the precious times now too.) Love to all

Saminda said...

I can certainly relate to this Renata - I yearn for one-on-one time with each child too, and find it hard to get some days! It's so lovely when it happens. :)

Jenn H said...

Such a little cutie and a sweetheart!!! Hope everyone is feeling better now!!

Kylie said...

It would have been great to spend one on one time with Jud. And what a great helper he is. Love the last pic of him he looks like Zai and Dave. Miss you all. Kisses and hugs.

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