Two for twos-day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Deanna has been running two for twos-day on her blog & I've been meaning to post each Tuesday & forget, but not tonight (yes I'm up late blogging, but I've been out to a preschool meeting & have to wind down!) So here is a pic of my two from today. They love riding their bikes around the place, but this picture just cracks me up because they often pretend to fall off them & I caught Eli just as he 'fell' off his! (He's actually laughing there - they think it's the funniest thing!)


Duckygirl said...

They pretend to fall? Hahaha! That's hysterical! But they sure are cute ;)


Deanna said...

AWWWWW....this picture is sooo cute!!! Totally my far off in the lead and the other one "falling" behind.

Thanks for playing along.


BoufMom9 said...

OH NOooooooo! heehee What a silly picture you captured!
Poor little guy!

Heather said...

What IS it with little kids and the whole falling down thing? Both of my kids love to fall down, and they just laugh their heads off as if it's the most hysterical thing in the world!

If I fell down even once, I would be bruised and battered and would hobble around for days complaining about all of my aches and pains.

But then, according to my kids, I'm ANCIENT!

Tabbatha Rose said...

LOL Love your TWOs-day picture. Im glad he was laughing and not crying.

Cheryl Lage said...

Omigosh, that picture is the FUNNIEST! (and thankfully, no one was harmed in the making of this funny photo!)

What a riot!

Saminda said...

Haha, must be the age because my Elijah also loves to "stack it"!! He is forever falling down (very comical, regardless of whether it's deliberate or accidental- he's kind-of unco some days!)

Mainly Music runs Australia-wide, though there are other toddler groups too I imagine. The one we go to has about a half hour of group singing/dancing to songs put out by Mainly Music. They are seriously great songs! Each child has his own little music bag full of instruments, a scarf and paper plates (props for the various songs we do). After the group time we have morning tea, and a chat with other mums while the kids play. It's a relaxing morning, fun for everyone! It's held at our local Baptist church.

Your other question (not silly at all- I never know where to find things!)... Applesauce in our Woolworths is in with all the other sauces- tomato, sweet chilli, etc. Maybe ask a staff member if you can't find it!
Hope you have a great day today. :)

Mummy McTavish said...

You should see our house after an episode of "Funny Home Videos" is on... Lion pretends to trip then calls for Dragon to trip over him then they repeat the sezuence 15 times before someone get genuinely hurt! It's hysterical (until the end bit) And their bike stacks, sometimes they are very believable!!!

Grandma said...

Are you SURE that handsome little hunk is laughing???????????????????????????????????? Maybe it's a boy thing!!! Anyway give them both a big hug Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jenn H said...

That is so funny!!! What kids won't do for some extra attention, lol! Our twin girls have become quite the drama queens as of late, making the saddest puppy dog faces as the drop of a hat, lol!!

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