Friday, August 29, 2008

For those who are worried about our new kitty after the last post- here it is curled up on Dave's work boots (maybe it was so traumatised it effected it's sense of smell- just joking !!) It does have it's own basket, but it would rather sleep here!

Yesterday we went into Canberra for a specialist growth & development appointment for the twins (post twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome).

Lessons I learnt :

* Leave lots of time to spare when going to a city - yes even though we've been country people for only 8 months, we forgot what cities are like. We left with 15 mins to spare ( I know that's not much with a 3 hour trip, but we left at 5:45am) but unfortunately hit Canberra right on "peak hour" - aaaarrrrrrgggggg- so we were sadly 20 mins late for our appointment (thankfully I could call the nurse & tell her (we were the only appointment in this slot as they are very involved tests & it's hard to tell how long they will take with 2 year olds!)).

* Organise someone else to feed the animals - in typical "Dave & Renata fashion", we decided that we could do everything & this meant getting up at 4:45am & feeding the lambs - by the end of the day we felt like walking zombies!

The best things that happened:

* The twins were cleared of any sign of Cerebral Palsy - this was the final clearance & although they are behind in all developmental areas , there are no signs of CP - Praise God!! We do have to do some follow - up speech therapy & an audiology test (thankfully only at a city an hour away!!)

* I went to Koorong (a christian bookstore & my favourite shop ever!!) I bought:

* I got Gloria Jeans (another favourite that I've been missing since living here!)

Our kids were amazingly well behaved even with the early start, the long car ride & the huge list of tests for the twins so we had a nice day regardless & got home fed the animals & went straight to bed. This morning Zai bounced out of bed chirpier than usual - meanwhile I feel about 100 years old !!!LOL
Hopefully today will be much more relaxed!!


BoufMom9 said...

OH! I am terrible and always make it to my appts late! LOL

YIPPEE to being clear of CP! What an absolutely wonderful blessing! Praise God!

Frizzy and Bird said...

I'm tired just after reading about your day. I can imagine how stressful it was for you all. Especially knowing what the results might have shown. Praise God the boys are healthy. You are a great mom and doing everything right. With the help your getting them they'll catch up and probably fly ahead of the pack.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Mum-me said...

How wonderful that you don't have to worry about the boys having CP anymore.

I always avoid going into Canberra during peak hour if at all possible. It's pretty scary, but positively tame compared to Sydney or Newcastle!

I like going to Koorong too, and always spend way too much money when I do. (My girls go to the childcare centre across the road, so its just as well HB usually drops them off and picks them up or we'd be broke!)

Christine said...

Great day! How long will it take you to read all of those books? It would take me forever, I think. :)

Grandma said...

Well, how many have you read so far????????????? (Grandad suggested half of them by now). Man you don't take after me do you - I would NEVER (not shouting just emphasizing) have displayed my Koorong purchases for the world to see!!!! I did see a vegetales there, so if it's not a Christmas pressie tell the littlies we'll watch it with them, but if it is, we'll see it another time!!!
Hope you're back to feeling your young self again! Glad your journey was safe and the news was good - praise God!
Have a great weekend. Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kate said...

ooh bee a long time since I've had a book fest! fancy a trip to kooring myself... :) xx

Deanna said...

Glad you got good news...that's wonderful!!!

Looks like you got some good finds at the book store!! Have fun reading!!

Hope you are well rested!

Bobbie-Jo said...

Your day does sound tiring. And my eyes hurt from that glaring sun. *argh!*

Heather said...

Thank God that the twins are cleared of CP! What a great relief that must be for you. Can you explain what twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome is?

You had a very busy, and probably stressful day. Just reading about it made me feel tired. But, you got to do some shopping at least. I love Christian bookstores too!

Hope you're all rested up now, and have a great weekend! (Except I guess it already is the weekend there. I will NEVER keep that straight! So, er..I hope you're ARE having a good weekend. Right.)

Saminda said...

Yay Renata, that's such great news!! What a big day for you all. Hope the weekend will be super relaxing. :) Wow, what a lovely book-fest you had.... enjoy!!!

16 blessings'mom said...

Hi Renata! 2 of my girls have been looking at your blog with me. The picture of your Ellie nursing her twins is priceless. My older daughter Abigail just got a kick out of it. And I am glad to hear your boys are clear of CP. And, I love the new kitty!


Heather said...

Hi Zai and Ellie!

We got our stickers today, and we love them! We were so excited to get mail from a whole other country.

Thanks very much!

Your friends,
Bee and Cakesie

Jenn H said...

Praise God that they were announced free of CP! They will catch up!! I miss having a Christian bookstore nearby, well, if there is one nearby here, I haven't found it :(

Phil & Christine said...

Sounds like it was one busy and long day. It is great news about the boys and to know they are both healthy and doing well.

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