Crop update - September!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I told mum I would finally post these photos of the crop today! These were from last week. As you can see the crop is looking very nice. Although it's quite short, we're told it's normal for triticale - it tends to fill out before it shoots up ( that should happen as the warm weather comes!) Praise God we've had enough rain so far to get it to this point. We're praying for continued rain to see us through to harvest (December)!
Tomorrow it's being sprayed for rust & then soon we're going to experiment with a natural product called 'nutrisoil' on one of the paddocks!
The picture above is the lane paddock - we sowed it shallower than the below paddock (thus the different in length!)


Jenn H said...

Oh how I miss all the farm land where I grew up! Love seeing fields full of green!

Phil & Christine said...

The crop is looking great, lets hope the rain that is needed continues

Kylie said...

Wow, your crop looks great. Praying for the rain to continue. How tall does the crop get before you harvest? Miss you all heaps. Love S,K,S&C

Saminda said...

I love this top photo - it's very "Little House on the Prairie" (saraya and I just watched an episode!)..... very very beautiful. Well done guys!!!

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