Spring awards!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Spring Days !!! - to all those in the southern hemisphere!!! Finally we have survived the winter (oh I know it's not that bad, but hey) & the temperatures starting to rise. In that mood of sublime happiness to be in my favourite season (it may be my favourite because my birthday's in spring - I'm just a big kid at heart - already counting the sleeps!!!LOL) I have been kindly given some blog awards & I now get to bestow them on some wonderful bloggers!

OK first of all if you're on my blogroll I love your blog, so it's hard to chose from all these deserving people. I know some of you have already received these awards, so I'll try not to double up. Also some of you don't "do" awards - so I won't bore you with them! I know each of you deserve both awards, but in fairness I'll give them to different people (how's that for a 'mummy' speech???). Here goes:
I was so honoured to get this award from Debi - thanks! Debi is an amazing mother of 9 (both her own & adopted) & I really enjoy her blog. She is a beautiful Christian lady & it's overwhelming that someone as wonderful as her would think my blog deserving.

Now here are the rules:
1. When you get an award you have to send it on to 3 more Mommy Bloggers and say why you like reading their blogs.
2. Then you must leave a comment on their blog letting them know they were given the award!And, remember to link back to THIS ORIGINAL POST so that it can be tracked across the blogosphere.Easy enough!

I pass this award onto:

Samster - a fellow aussie. Samster's posts always have me laughing out loud! She has two adventuresome boys . Anyone who has a 'video shop incident' like hers (& deals with it so calmly) deserves a mummy blog award!

Heather - an old friend in bloggy land (so it feels like). Heather's eldest daughter has just started school. Heather is an organisation expert & a great mum as well! I enjoy her frugal ideas as well as her recipe blog!

Frizzy - I've only been reading her blog for a short while. Frizzy has an adorable daughter & is very down - to- earth. I enjoy reading her humour- filled blog!

Frizzy has bestowed this award on me & I'm incredibly honoured to receive it. I now get to choose 7 people to pass it onto:

Tan - one of my real life closest friends. Her adorable boys are keeping her very busy (& bub on the way in only 4 weeks !!!!!!!!! YAY - guess who's excited??) . On top of that they've just moved onto acreage in one of the most beautiful areas of Queensland!! Tan is a great friend, excellent mum & wonderful wife!

Liss - another of my closest friends - in fact Liss, Tan & I (& families) would get together most weekends - until we moved down south here! Liss & her family are currently traveling around Australia (living the dream!)! - her blog is about their travels! Can't wait to see them in a few weeks!!!!!

Christy - another real life friend - I've known Christy since I was 'best friend' with her younger sister in grade 6 at school! Dave attended the same church as her, so when we got married, I also went there. Christy has a beautiful family & her blog is about them.

Saminda - a busy mum of 3 beautiful children. Even though we've never met, I find it interesting that we have so much in common! Saminda is a beautiful christian woman who loves pretty things. I always find her words an encouragement!

Debi - an absolutely amazing mum of 9 - with a heart for children & adoption. Debi shares about her life & feelings openly on her blog & you feel that you get to know her well!

Mum-me - another aussie!!! - Mum-me has 6 gorgeous children - who's 'baby' has just gone into a 'big-girl bed' & given up her dummy ( I need lessons on how you managed to get her to throw it in the bin!!) I enjoy not only reading her blog, but the beautiful photographs often included!

Jenn - Jenn has 5 children under 5 (including twins) !!! I enjoy reading about the busyness of her family life. I can relate to so much that Jenn posts about - especially a recent shopping trip!


Heather said...

Renata, you're so sweet! It does feel like we're old friends doesn't it?

Someone just gave me an award that I want to pass on to you, but I haven't posted about it yet. Look for it tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. So, I guess, today for you. I think.

Frizzy and Bird said...

Renata, Thank you so much. What a nice way to end a perfect weekend. It was nice of you to think of me when passing this on. I appreciate it and you very much.

Jenn H said...

Thank you so much Renata!! Its my very first blog award :) Now I have to figure out how to get it on my blog as I'm not very blog savvy yet. I love your blog as well!

Saminda said...

Thanks SO much for this award, renata!! And your lovely kind words. :)

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