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Friday, November 14, 2008

On Monday I did a very silly mummy thing. You see I had made egg & bacon pie for dinner & Zai asked to use the left over puff pastry to make a pastry motorbike. I of course gave it to him, but when he came & asked to use some food colouring, I let him use it as well... of course I said only one drop, but I just gave him the whole pack - without thinking. Fast forward 10 mins & I walk over to find Eli & Jud happily occupied like this:

We put them straight into a bath for an hour, but Eli only lost the blue tinge to his leg yesterday.... & Jud looked like he had a massive multi-coloured bruise on his leg for a couple of days. Thankfully I didn't have any pressing commitments this week!!
I made apple jam on Wednesday. I meant to get pictures of the whole cooking process, but I forgot (shame, it would have made a lovely post) ...I love making jam, it feels so homely. I imagine my great grandmothers doing the same thing years ago!
I'll pretend the angled photo is for artistic effect & not because of poor photographer technique!!
This morning I heard Jud crying that kind of cry that makes you drop everything & run. He had fallen & hit his face & was bleeding what looked like tears of blood from his eye. Because of the location & the fact that I couldn't stop the bleeding on the cut, I decided I needed a second opinion on what to do about it, so up to the emergency dept of our local hospital ... it's such a small hospital, it's rare that they have anyone else there, so they are usually glad to help out if you're unsure about what to do. We tried a steri-strip, but he wouldn't tolerate that.
It looks much better now, although it took about 3 hours for the bleeding to stop - yes we tried compression, but Jud would only allow that for a few minutes at a time. (That's betadine down the side).


Ellie just wanted me to include this picture - she's being a superhero!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Mum-me said...

At least he wasn't 'crying wolf'. Too often I hear that blood curdling scream and go running, only to find out it's nothing worse than the block tower won't stay up straight, or someone took someone else's doll.

Now I get much, much more worried if I don't hear anything. (Like the food colouring episode. Did it come off the floor alright?)

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you gave out that food colouring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you were older, you could have put it down to having a senior's moment...oh well I guess it was a mummy moment....btw - did it come off the floor??????????????????
The jam looks good....I've never tried apple jam...I've only tried making jam twice -once was rosella and was delicious, and a few months ago I tried strawberry which I cooked too long and is almost solid....
Hope our poor little man's eye is feeling better - (so glad you didn't put Eli's piccy on when the swing hit him when I was looking after him!!!!)
Thanks for sharing your were very flattering...we all think you're pretty good yourself!!!!
Love to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mummy McTavish said...

Your poor little man! I hope he is milking it for all it's worth! We had a pretty nasty eye injury last week (although not as bad as that) and I got straight on it with Arnica ointment. It was gone in under a week and by a week there was only a hint of redness left and no scar. He hated the cream so every time I caught him touching it I threatened to put more cream on it:) I have never seen anything heal that fast.
Hope your floor survived the food colour attack!

Anonymous said...
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Peta said...

Your floor looks lovely now LOL. so what did Zai's motorbike turn out like?
Poor little Jud, did he get his brothers and sisters to do his bidding...I know mine do when they are "broken" (Samuel calls it that) LOL.
I use to watch my Nanna make jams but have never been game to try it myself..
Have a lovely weekend

Bobbie-Jo said...

What a week! What are you doing this weekend to recuperate?

Anonymous said...

Hey little sweeties, hope you are all feeling good now. Jud, I hope your eye starts feeling better. Ellie, you look like a princess superhero, very nice.
Eli and Jud, take care of mummy...
Luv you all,
Aunty Sel.

SF said...

Oh Renata, it's always hard when they hurt themselves....... it happens so fast doesn't it?!! Especially at the boys ages.
The food colouring thing is hilarious.... my hubby often says to me "you let them do WHAT???!!" cos I've let the kids do something without even thinking about it. :) Good old mummy brain. :)

debi9kids said...

O.M.GOSH!!!! Laughing so hard about the food color! That is just awful and funny at the same time. heehee

Could you either post or email me your apple jelly recipe? Looks absolutely delicious and I have 5 lbs of apples right now begging to be made into something :)

Glad his eye is ok. poor dear.

ps Ellie's eyes are GORGEOUS!!!

Heather said...'ve had a rough week!

Poor Jud! That cut is so near his eye - it must have been so scary for you. I'm glad he's OK.

I know that I wouldn't have been laughing if the food color incident happened to me, but I just couldn't help laughing at their expressions, and also the rainbow of colors on their...everything. So funny!

Ellie is just adorable, as always.

Hope this week is a bit calmer :)

Brandi said... coloring. My boys got into my Wilson colors for baking and went straight for the red. It looked like a horror movie in my bathroom!

Kate said...

oh my...walking in on that sort of scene can be so devastating can't it. Then something makes us grab the camera before starting to repair the devastation :)

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Eeekk...the food colouring! That stuff does NOT COME OFF!

And they look so guilty!

ren said...

you photos are great.
nothing else to say...

Deanna said...

OH NO....i can't believe they got into the food coloring!!! But I do have to admit it did make for a WONDERFUL photo OP!!!

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