The power of a tutu

Friday, November 25, 2011

Put a little girl ~ any little girl ~ into a tutu 
she will instantly become a ballerina.  No longer will she walk, instead she will dance. Feet never flat, but balancing on her tippy~toes. The world (wherever she is) her audience, adored by all, accolades expected!! This is common to all little girls, everywhere!

My little girl wore a tutu this week ~ she no longer has to play, but is a ballerina.  A little makeup transformed her into a  doll, slowly coming alive "Coppelia".  As I saw her on stage ~ taking her cues from the music, performing her much-practiced steps, enjoying herself,  I couldn't help but thank God that she has this opportunity ~ one I only dreamed of so long ago as a little girl in my twirliest skirt dancing around the lounge room with my sisters!  

She may have been a ballerina for a night or two, but forever she is my precious princess!

Dance concert 2011!

What are your favourite dancing memories??


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Many, many years ago I took tap and ballet....she little princess will have precious memories for a lifetime! She looks just like her mama!

Mum-me said...

She sure is a beautiful ballerina. Like you, I'm glad my Ducky has the chance to dance because I would have SO loved to when I was little.

My favourite dancing memories are from my BIL's wedding. All the other adults had gone out on the balcony for a smoke, so the band played the chicken dance and the hokey pokey for me and the children left inside. We had a blast!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Renata,
I found your blog via a comment you left on Linda's blog "Prairie Flower Farm" :) :) I'm following your blog now :) :) I've always wanted to visit Australia and it's really neat to meet Christians from other parts of the world :)

Let's see...dancing. I went to a dance school for four years when I was young ;) :) We had subjects..i.e. various types of dance as individual classes. My favorite memory was getting chosen with two other girls to do a special dance with a Chinese theme and costumes. It was lots of fun.

Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :)

p.s. I LOVE the "Anne of Green Gables" music. I have the CD at home :)

Grannysaurus said...

I agree, all little girls want to be ballerinas and wear a beautiful tutu and ballet slippers. Congratulations to your little ballerina!
And thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog. I always follow what you are up to, but rarely leave comments because our internet connection is often so slow that it takes ages. That is when it is working at all.
I'll wait expectantly for an explanation about the helicopter blades ;-)

Smilie girl said...

She certainly makes one very beautiful ballerina. I'm so glad she had so much fun.

debi9kids said...

oh my. This is so sweet.
She looks just lovely and it is also my dream to have a daughter who twirls....

Selina said...

Hi Princess Ellie,
You look beautiful in your ballerina tutu. I hope you had a wonderful time dancing.
Today, Auntie Cor and Auntie Nita and I are putting up the Christmas decorations.
Much love,
Auntie Sel

Christy said...

she looks so lovely! My Abbey is in the throes of dance rehearsals with her first concert Monday week! She's dancing in a production of Aladdin. First make up trial today and she loved it! No tutu but fun nonetheless!
much love...sorry haven't been in contact - been so busy working...

Rachel~At the Butterfly Ball said...

Oh Renata she looks so pretty! What a wonderful time it must have been watching her on stage! Like you I danced around the house in my twirliest skirt, only I didn't have any sisters; so I made my little brother dance with me! :)

Grandma said...

She is soooooooo sweet!
Sorry you had such a deprived upbringing - having to dance with the sisters! I think there is a lot more flexibility with dancing (no pun intended!) today. In those days, there had to be a commitment to 3 days of classes per week - nothing less - there wasn't really the opportunity to learn for enjoyment and fun!

Anyway, our little princess looks very lovely. Maybe one year we will have to ensure we're there for her concert.
lots and lots of love
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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