Putt putt boats

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Have you ever heard of 'pop pop' or 'putt putt' steam boats?
We hadn't either, but somehow we stumbled onto this youtube site that showed us these fun toys:


As soon as we saw it we were hooked... not only were they fun (there is just something about them that makes you want to create one isn't there), but they are an awesome science lesson as well !   After careful collection of supplies ( ie.  Dave raiding the rubbish at work for cans ~ yes, we cleaned them well)  and watching of the instruction podcasts by sciencetoymaker on youtube (we have only watched the putt putt boat ones so I hope the content of others is suitable ~ he has some fun looking things to make that we intend to try at a later date) , Dave & the children embarked on their inaugural building of a putt putt steam engine & then finally a boat!

After a couple of construction sessions, they were ready to test it out!  We all headed down to little cow dam to ensure a proper launching!

Note the myriad of other boats especially made to accompany her on her maiden voyage!

After a few tries with the wind blowing out the candle, off she went....not very far because the light wind was just strong enough to prevent much progress for the little steam~engined boat!

So off to the big dam we did go ~ with the thought that it may be more protected.  We soon found out it wasn't, but as is typical of our family.... what began as a trip to the dam very quickly became an attempt at sending Daddy swimming......

...which ended in the children being dunked instead!

As the sun began it's descent behind Churchill forest & night rose across the other side of the valley we headed home wet, cool, happy.....

...and sent the little boat asailing in our little blue bathtub....
"This is the place for a  red painted 'putt putt' boat  and this is the life for me"
 (er..sorry... Scuffy the tugboat was one of my favourite childhood books...just add my Mum who still knows if off by heart)!!

Further dam trials will occur as conditions become favourable with plans for a fleet of boats well on their way!

I wanted to add this here as I know there are lots of mothers out there with teenage sons who will love making one of these or younger sons with Dads who will love making these together!  

Have fun


L. V. said...

That looks great fun to make. Good way to keep bored children busy. Thank you very much for sharing.

Grandma said...

"Scuffy was sad,
Scuffy was cross,
Scuffy sniffed his bluuuuuueeeeee smokestack,.....I was made for bigger things"
Sorry, Narn, I just couldn't help myself - as soon as I saw it in your bathtub it came to mind!!!!

Love the photos - looks like everybody had fun - haven't checked out the video yet...

Won't Dave have fun when 3 teenage boys decide to throw him into the dam?????????????????????? mmmm he might need to start to think of such things happening.....I do seem to remember a certain girl pushing her fully clothed daddy into a swimming pool - and the look of horror on her face as she realized what she'd done.................!!!!
Hope everybody has recovered - will try and call on Friday. Love you all heaps Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Oh that looks like a great homeschool project. Will have to check it out. I actually made something I saw on pinterest this week. A tic tac toe game with hearts for the twins which we did on Valentine's Day. I know they will love those boats though as will the boys. Does it need wind to work because we are very sheltered?

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Ahhhh, the joys of homeschooling.
(And the joys of blue skies - for you ;)

Smilie girl said...

Awesome! Will show it to my boys.

Selina said...

Hi Narn,
How are you? I was going to call you today but heard you are going our.
These boats look really fun!!
How many hundreds of times did we have that book read to us????? Yes, I think I can say it off by heart too.
Give all the babies a hug for me,

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