Family centered C-section

Thursday, April 5, 2012

No, no news here ( sigh) (I've just been busy with illness & then end of term mountain of work to complete), but I saw this on Kimberley's blog & thought I should share it with you.  As a 3 c-section Mum if God does bless us again I know another c-section is inevitable (I'll just ask for a zip ;).  After  seeing this technique which could easily be adapted for any non-emergency c-sections in any hospital I thought I'd share just in case you are going to have a baby this way & would like to experience as close to a natural birth as possible (of course a c-section is never as nice as a natural birth, but sometimes you don't get the choice).  I know for me I really missed holding my baby & feeding them straight away.  Even the skin - to- skin didn't happen for hours ( after I came out of recovery).  I hope as many obstetric teams in Australia as possible see this & can simply adapt their technique to it.  These little things are so much nicer for the Mother & Baby.

I hope you have a wonderful day ~ I have so much work today ( but holidays start tonight  YAY!!!).  I  hope to be back here regularly very soon!


Grandma said...

Hope you all have a wonderful, amazing, blessed Easter! Love to you all - wish you could all be at Bargara! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

abba12 said...

I don't know the issues that cause your c-sections, but I wish a VBAC was an option for you, I know plenty of women who have had a VBAC after 3 c-sections.

But if a c-section is the way it has to happen, I hope I can have something similar to what's on the film.

Corinne & Damo said...

Hi! How did Ellie get on today? I thought of her often throughout today - I can understand where she's coming from!

Wow! that video was great - every woman should take that into their Dr and say THAT is how I would like it done! - not that mine was a bad experience - but it could have been that much better.

See you tomorrow? Such an amazing loving saviour that we have! ~ its wonderful to be able to worship with you guys every week. xxoo

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

That is what I wish had happened for my c-section with the twins. My girls were in perfect health and needed no intervention but the nurses did not even bring them close to my face let alone place them on my chest. A quick glimpse as she held them in the air for about a second, then they were whipped away to the other side of the theatre. They were also given hep B vaccinations soon after birth without my consent. I spent the longest hour of my life in a recovery room on my own next to an old lady who was delirious and screaming out weird stuff after her op! I felt absolutely robbed and stated this in my birth plan for number 7 with my requests for a family centred birth should I require a c section. Apparently, the hospital has since changed procedure and mothers and their babies now go to the recovery room together. Thankfully, I was able to have a VBAC and struck gold with the midwife who was on duty and I had a natural, intervention free birth in hospital and held onto my boy for ages after he was born. It was so lovely to see that happen for the mother in the video. It's one of the most precious times in a mother's life.
Have a wonderful Easter Renata. We are having a family 'great Easter bake off' comp which the twins are super excited about.
Blessings to you all, enjoy your holidays!

Renata said...

Very much the same story with my twins Ann (well actually all 3 C-sections). The baby was always taken away very quickly & I didn't see them for at least an hour. With the twins I couldn't go into the NICU to see them as visiting hours had stopped when I got out of recovery. I didn't get to see them or hold (Jud)/ touch (Eli) until 8 hours after they were delivered. It was definitely very difficult.
Happy Easter to you too my friend.

Smilie girl said...

A beautiful and very informative video. I hope that many of the lessons shared here are put into practice in more centres (when possible).
Even though I haven't had a c-section, I don't recall having a lot of skin to skin contact with LL straight up. In fact he was bundled up and placed in a crib at the opposite end of the room. I went and fixed that! But that was some time after delivery. I hadn't thought of that in this light before. With BB I had a lot more skin to skin time, but not sure if that was intentional on their part.
Thanks Renata. I found that professionally and personally fascinating.

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