Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If you have a spare half an hour, I highly recommend that you watch this:

It will bless you so much!

Have a wonderful day

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Sally said...

Oh Renata, my husband and i watched it the other night, and it was wonderful! We are expecting our 5th, and already the "innocent" things have begun to be said regarding my patience, my sanity, my knowledge of how this happens even (seriously, I have to hold my tongue from saying something really snarky and inappropiate on this one.)
Much like having a large family, the choice to homeschool seems to follow the blessing/curse mentality. Have you heard the "I would kill my children if I had to stay at home with them all day!" comments?

My preacher said, and said again, that we take as little or as much of God as we want. We should not be turning back God's gifts to us, but saying, "I'll take whatever you'lve got God!" He was referring to the gift of the Holy Spirit in terms of speaking in tongues being the inital evidence of such, but I think that same thought applies to the family.

Thank you for getting the word out! I hope more people see it and are open to its message!

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