Happy 6th Birthday to our precious twins

Monday, May 28, 2012

It's hard to believe that this time six years ago I was snuggling our precious baby boys.  Had you told me when we were first married that we would have twins I would never have believed you.  It was 5 generations without twins on my side.  
3 brothers checking out the new lego gift!
To celebrate their 6th birthday the boys had a simple family party with some of our closest friends present.  It was so much fun to remember the past 6 years & thank God that they are here with us today, happy & healthy.  I remember back to when we had TTTS while I was pregnant with them & Dave said " one day these boys are going to be jumping on our bed".  Well with all we were going through , just two alive babies seemed like a good goal to me, but God is so good & when they were 2 years old they were indeed jumping on our bed! 
Now of course they know better than to do that ;)


As the boys grow older their differences seem to become more obvious, yet so do their similarities.  Good friends are beginning to tell them apart ( even if it's just by the colour of pants the boys choose to wear :)  There are subtle differences in their appearances, there is even more in their personalities.  Some days as I teach them I wonder how identical twins can possibly be as such different levels (which means I have to teach most things separately ~ no 'twin bonus' there).  
Jud ~ he chose the cake & animals ~ who cares about proportions??? :)
In the last 6 months' the boys have begun to loose their teeth ( yes, it is sad that my 'babies' are growing up so quickly) & they are now sporting gaps up the top. Jud has both top teeth missing & Eli has one, with the other going any day.  I love that cute look & lisp that comes when they are missing these teeth!  And yes, with two it is doubly cute (of course I am a biased Mummy here).  

Eli ~ he wanted a big white rabbit!
Happy Birthday Eli & Jud!   Words cannot express how thankful to God we are for your lives.  God chose to save you for a reason.  Our deepest prayer for you is that you will grow to be strong men of God, choosing His way over the world every day of your life.  

My 'triplets' ~ yes, some people have begun asking since they are so close in size ~ much to Ellie's disgust!

May you have a very blessed week my friends



Cassandra-ann said...

Aww happy birthday Eli and Jud!!!
I can't believe they are 6!!! But then I actudlly thought they were older than my Andy who was 6 in November... I bet they would l get along great though!
I love their cakes, great job :-)
I hope you are all having a great week

Cassandra xx

Anonymous said...

Excellent post and definitly worthy of my thank you comment.:)

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