Our twins ~ a little less identical???

Friday, July 20, 2012

Our boys are identical twins.  
We know that beyond doubt ~ twin-to-twin-transfusion syndrome only happens to identical twins.  

Our boys are identical, yet they are different people.  

We have always celebrated their similarities:

~ their love of creating things
~ their  looks ~ yes, they look identical
~ their love of playing tricks on people ( it's started ~ they love to fool people into mixing them up which happens rather often since they are very hard to tell apart ~ just ask their father!!).
~ their love of playing hard & rough
~ their love of animals
~ their special bond that only is theirs that even Mummy cannot penetrate ( although I come closer than anyone else).  
~ the way they do things
~ their sense of humour
~ their favourite place to be ~ on the tyre swing
~ their love of big machinery
~ the endless list...

We have always celebrated their differences:

~ the way they each chose one parent to be closest too
~ the way they have their own special colours
~ Jud's birthmark & freckle
~ the way one loves, loves, LOVES to write stories & the other would rather make aeroplanes
~ the way they talk at times ( this is how Zai can tell them apart)
~ the way ones doesn't like soup or ice cream
~ the way one is scared of chickens
~ the way they loose teeth in a different order ( although at the same general time)

Now we have another difference to celebrate:

Eli has glasses!!!   
I've noticed this past term he was squinting when reading at some distances.  I took both boys to the optometrist & while Jud has perfect vision, Eli has a lazy eye that makes him see double at some distances. So now for school work he must wear these (doesn't he look so handsome?)

Jud is very, very jealous ~ he can't wait until he has glasses as well..... 
Eli is very, very proud ~ he's being very careful with his glasses...

We don't know why this difference has occured ~ maybe it is a result of the TTTS or maybe it is because in Eli this is a dominant gene & in Jud it is recessive, or maybe it is as the optometrist suggested "one just drew the short straw".  

All I know is we love our boys ~ their differences, their similarities.  As their family we view them as completely different people & often it is their similarities that surprise both us & them ~ like when they choose the same coloured cupcake & then looked at each other & began to jump up & down & say "we're twins" as if they weren't every second of every day :)

Our precious, busy, loveable, wild, 100% boy blessings!!

Have a wonderful day my friends


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Cassandra said...

Aww he looks so handsome in his new glasses!!
All your kids are gorgeous Renata!!

Cassandra xx

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