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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

*  So far I've pulled 9 lambs this lambing season & we aren't even half way through. 

*  I pulled a lamb out while it's twin was half hanging out.  It was a difficult birth & took well over an hour for me to work out what was going on & what had to be done.  All I could do was apologise to the mother over & over.   At least I saved her life.

*   I told the kids today that I might just send them all back to school ~ think how much tidier the house & farm would be & how much more I'd get done around here.

*   Last night we had a lamb crying for it's mama out in the laundry all night ( well it felt like all night).  It's adjusted today though & already thinks we're it's mother.

*  I moved the poddy lambs out of the laundry & down to a nearby shed today.

*   The increased irritability displayed by a couple of family members may have been a result of being kept awake by the crying lamb :)

*   Ellie had more medical tests today, but we're hoping they are the last!!!! ( praise God).  She's doing so much better.

*   We had an intruder yesterday  while we went to the city for yet another Dr's appointment ~ but the good kind.  She left dinner, fruit & dessert:)

*   My garden has enough roquette in  to feed a small army.

*   I may have been sick of the seeds not growing, so I planted the rest of the packet last autumn.

*   I'm finding lots of ways to creatively use roquette in my cooking.

*   We lost more chickens to a nasty fox ~ during the daytime.  

*   I  did however save Zai's ugly rooster from the fox by running after the fox ( while it had the rooster in it's mouth), waving a stick & screaming for all I was worth.  Now the rooster has no tail feathers & looks even stranger than ever.

*  I couldn't talk properly after all that yelling :)

*   Our ducks have disappeared.  We've speculated that they headed north for the winter, but think it probably has more to do with the fox.

*   We're talking about getting 20 more hens.

*   I can't decide what fruit trees to order for our orchard this year & if I leave it much longer it's going to be too late.  The kids are begging for apple trees & I think we'll probably choose the 5 trees package that fruit Feb to May.

*   Our cat has also disappeared.  We've made up a story that it's on an adventure with a friend's dog, but we think it may have more to do with the orange bulge we saw on the road :(

*   I want another kitten already.

*  The honey man dropped in the other morning with the yearly bucket of honey he gives us for letting him put bees on the farm.  The thing is I still have half the bucket from last year....& the year before.  I'm wondering if pigs like honey??

*  Once again I was in my pj's when he came.  I promise I do get dressed each morning, just not first thing on Saturdays.

*   I'm not sure what is going on with the comments on my blog, it's seems I have people commenting in two programs & I have no idea what happens to the other lot of comments.  I was so looking forward to replying as well  :(  I'm thinking about going back to plain old blogger.  What do you think??

*  I think we have just the most amazing sunsets around here.  

Have a wonderful day 

Just for the record ~we are still planning on homeschooling the children ~it was just one of those days:)

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