Celebrating 13 years!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

December is the month we celebrate our anniversary & often I find it's something I forget to remember here on my online memory page!  Yet, had we 13 years ago not chosen to enter into this sacred agreement  none of this would have happened!  I cannot imagine life without my wonderful husband...he has been around over half my life (since I was 15, but don't tell the kiddos because that's MUCH TOO YOUNG  (just kidding ~ sort of))  & I love him more now than I ever did before.  He has become such a wonderful strong Christian man, leader of our family & fountain of wisdom for me.  I know that I can rely on his opinions to be both wise & logical.  He holds me accountable in how I spend my day & although that sounds like a bad thing it isn't.  I think everyone who is married is accountable to their spouse with how they spend their time  ( & everyone married or not is accountable to the Lord)!  . He is my other half, the love of my life & my crazy fellow adventurer in this thing called life!

Dave ~ thank you for being you ~ thank you for loving me with my many imperfections ~ thank you for standing strong in the Lord ~ thank you for your friendship that I treasure ~ thank you for our 4 precious blessings ~ thank you for 13 years of the most wonderful marriage I could ever ask for!

Here is one of my favourite singers singing about her marriage and I just LOVE the analogies she uses ~ it always makes me smile!

What is your favourite piece of marriage advice?


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