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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The ebb & flow of our farming year seems almost natural now as we celebrate the 5 year anniversary of our move to beautiful Sunnyside Farm.  Autumn means planting, Winter means lambing, Spring means gardening & Summer means harvesting.  I thought this year I'd sit down & map out what our projected year looks like. Yes, I do know that it may all change & that's alright.  I do know the Lord may have other plans for us.  However I find it useful to have a plan in front of me so I can be prepared for different activities.  

I really enjoyed sitting down & recording what happens or what I'd like to have happen ;) at various times of the year & thought you might enjoy me sharing it with you too.

2013 Farming/ Homesteading/ Home Calendar for Sunnyside Farm:

January:  (Summer)
~ Pick stonefruits
~ Declutter house & total clean up ready for a new year of school
~ Preserve garden produce
~Preserve stonefruits & make jams for the year.
~Plan yearly goals, schedules & home maintenance needs.
~ Plan home school year
~ Mummy/ kiddo camping trip

February: (Summer)
~ Preserve garden produce including tomatoes
~ School year commences
~ Rams in with Ewes
Autumn 2009

March: (Autumn)
~ Plant winter garden
~ Winter sewing
~ Purchase half grown chicks for eggs through winter.
~ Change clothes over to winter
~ Rams out at end of month
~ Replant strawberries to new location
~ Get Chocco (my new cow) from bull

April: (Autumn)
~ Plant garlic
~ Autumn cleaning
~ Make apple sauce/ apple pie slices & freeze
~ Butcher lambs/ pigs/ possible cow??
~ My sisters wedding!!!
~ Pick grapes & learn how to preserve the juice
My very first time ploughing in 2008 ~ I'm not sure why we had the sheep in the paddock, but anyway ~ no wonder we made our neighbours laugh :)

May: (Autumn)
~ Plant crop
~ Have garden mulched
~ Order more strawberry crowns from Diggers

June: (Winter)
~ Order fruit trees & plant
~ Make sure all is ready for lambing
~ Sell wether lambs from 2012 drop

Winter 2008 ~ what a cute little Eli!
July: (Winter)
~ Order seeds for spring/ summer garden 
~ Plan spring/summer garden

August: (Winter)
~ Lambing
~ Harvest Oranges
~ Earliest Chocco can calf
~ Start seeds

September (Spring)
~ Dry up Bessy if she is still milking
 (?? quite possibly this will happen much earlier looking at the size of the calf now ~ this is ideal so we can have milk all the way through the year ~ assuming I can train Chocco to milk successfully:)
~ Start seeds & begin to plant garden
~ Spring cleaning
~ Sell ewe lambs from 2012 drop

The most amazing moon!
October: (Spring)
~ Spring/ Summer clothes change over
~ Summer sewing
~ Haying season
~ Bessy to Bull ( if not before ~ see note above :)
~ Plant out garden

November: (Spring)
~ Christmas prep begins
~ Plant rest of garden
~ Get carpets cleaned
~ Wean lambs from mothers
~ Mulch garden for summer

December: (Summer)
~ Cherry picking & preserving
~ Harvest ( if not before)
~ Christmas prep
Summer ~ this year ~ it's hot & dry!

One of my favourite verses is:
'As long as the earth endures,
seedtime & harvest,
cold & heat,
summer & winter,
day & night will never cease'
Genesis 8:22

I love the way God has made our world!  This verse has taken on extra meaning for me since we moved to the farm .  

Have a lovely day

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