Fleeting moments ~ Day Four

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Photo taken in autumn!

Every Sunday we enter the doors of this century old building and are loved upon & welcomed by our wonderful church family.  Our family unit is made to feel like such valued members & we have come to care for each person there.  Our own little community ~ we have so many gifted people in such a variety of areas & a wonderful, Bible-teaching pastor who leads us gently.  
Each week we sit in the old church pews surrounded by our children.  Sometimes cuddling in on those hot mornings when the air conditioners are turned up.  I love to hear them singing in their childish way ~ they attempt in their own sweet way to 'make a joyful noise unto the Lord'.  
The children are made to feel just as important as the oldest person there ( who is in his 90's!!).   
A true family meets in this old building ~ old, young & everything in between with one goal ~ to serve the Lord with all our hearts, all our days!!!
Such a lovely place to raise children ~ we are indeed blessed!!!

May you have a restful Sabbath 

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