The fleeting moments ~ day three

Saturday, February 9, 2013

 This precious daughter ~ the one who treats our kitten as if it were a live baby and is already looking forward to babies of her own!  
So very sweet & gentle, yet can keep up with the boys & will readily organise them into some kind of game that keeps them occupied for hours.  As she grows older she is transitioning from her little girl status into such a wonderful helper!  I appreciate her personality which is so much like her fathers (yet she looks just like me ~ the opposite mix of her older brother).  She still likes crawling in bed between Mum & Dad after a scary dream & lies half on top of me once asleep just as she used to as a baby (only this time she is so much heavier )!!! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful, talented daughter ~ I'm sure God has big plans for her life!

A little late posting tonight, but that's because I have had just a wonderful Saturday with this precious crew!
Have a lovely weekend ~ I'm off to bed :)

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