April Days

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Deliciously warm days are slowly turning into cooler nights.  Snug flannelette pyjamas have been pulled from the cupboards and a new layer of blankets is being added to the bed.  All sure signs that even with a late summer, autumn is well & truly here.  Slowly the leaves on the trees are beginning to take on the beautiful yellows & reds that symbolise the ending of a fruitful year & the  beginning of dormancy for just a period.

Tonight I sit here listening to the music of soft raindrops on our tin roof.  I am so glad our home has a tin roof so I can delight in this cacophony.  Although I will admit that sometimes it is deceiving  in the proportion of noise to the small amount of rain we have received   Still I won't complain.  I am happy to relax here snuggled under my well-loved  crocheted blanket and listen being slowly mesmerized by the sound.  Is there anything more delightful to fall asleep to than the sound of rain?

April has been a hurried month for our family.  It seems it has just begun & yet it is coming to a sudden close & I wonder what have we done with these days of our lives.
It began (at least for us) up in Qld.  My sister was getting married & so we were up there to celebrate with her. I had so much fun attending to all the important things that the lady-of-honour entails and making memories with all my 4 sisters & our parents!   My sweet sister has found herself a lovely, strong, Christian young man & one day I hope to record their love story for it is such an encouragement to other young women who think that love has forgotten them.   I pray that they will be abundantly blessed in their new life together.

After the beautiful wedding, we slowly drove back home to Sunnyside taking the long, coastal roads.  It was wonderful to spend time together as a family unit just relaxing.  We enjoyed taking in some of the more touristy sights & looking over beautiful, green (GREEN) farmland!!  It was slightly hazardous as it did make us covert for just a second that gorgeous, fertile, coastal land....

Dave had organised a loose plan of where we were going to go & we enjoyed going to various towns.  Dave would go to the real estate agents & the children & I would explore the towns ~ finding cute book stores & countless op shops to spend our time & thankfully only a little money!  Such delightful, memory making days they were & the farms were just beautiful & no, we haven't brought any..... just dreaming for now.  We are satisfied & content here at Sunnyside.  Sure the green would be nice & the land would be beautiful, but we would have to take our whole church family with us & that would be rather difficult ;)

After arriving home relaxed but tired ( long drives are always tiring) we took a few days to rest ( & wash the countless loads of washing that always seem to add up after even just a few days).  It was then time for  our church's holiday kids club & it was such fun!!  I was the year 5/6 leader & such a wonderful group of children they are! I have been blessed to have this group at various activities over the  years.  It is particularly nice to know who my sons friends & peer group are.
 Unfortunately on the last day of kids club Jud came out in the spots & while the local pharmacist wasn't concerned that they were infectious, we were a little worried when Ellie came out in them the next day.

Twin birthdays, trips to the city to purchase curtaining materials ( oh just the nicest one for my kitchen & dining window ~ I can't wait to show you all once they are made) & playing with html for a change to my blog look (it was time to go green :) resulted in rather busy holidays.  Preparations were made for term two's  industrious school days & finally before we knew it the long awaited holidays were over & we were back into routine again.

Isn't routine just lovely ~ I love the knowledge that the boxes are being ticked & my list is getting crossed off.  There is something satisfying about knowing what is going to happen next & being prepared for the events of the day.  Of course sometimes it doesn't all go to plan, but that's alright as well.

And now I sit & the rain has ceased.  Tomorrow we usher out April & instead May takes it's place. The days will get shorter & the nights colder .  More blankets will pile onto our beds & socks will envelope cold toes.  Hot chocolates will become evening routine & warm soups will fill our tummies.  The cold wind will turn our noses pink & our fingers blue & winter will be just round the corner.  The seasons continue to turn here at Sunnyside in a reliable, steady pattern & we continue to grow & change through them, content in this cycle that was set by our wonderful Creator right from the start.

May this season of life bring happiness, peace & true contentment in the Lord!


P.S. Still missing my DSLR camera :(

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