What ANZAC day means to me...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today Australia celebrates ANZAC day & Australians all over our beautiful country come together to remember those people who have given of themselves in service to our country.  Old men march proudly in the parades, a glimmer within their eyes of the pride they hold for their youthful bravery in defence of this loved nation.  Service men & women stand at attention & remember those who went before them on the path they are now treading ~ those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.


To all Australians, ANZAC day is a tradition, paid for in blood and celebrated in our freedom. It is a day in which not only do we salute the ANZACs, not to glorify war or praise victors, but to remember those who have served our country during times of conflict and crisis, and to reflect upon their selfless sacrifice.

No Australian is left untouched when a member of our defence force is killed in action. On ANZAC Day we pay tribute to all current and former members of the Australian Defence Force, those lost in training, on operations, the wounded, injured and ill.

You are welcome and invited to join your Local ANZAC Service at:

11.00 am Ariah Park Anzac Day March - gather at Bowling Club 
6.15am  Bethungra Dawn Service - Memorial Park
6.00 am  Coolamon Dawn Service - Coolamon Cenotaph
10.30 am Coolamon Anzac Day March - gather at Memorial Park
5.45 am  Junee Dawn Service - Junee Cenotaph, Broadway
10.30 am Junee Anzac Day March - gather at Memorial Park 
3.00 pm  Junee Reefs Hall Commemorative Service
8.30 am  Lockhart Commemorative Service - Cemetary Cenotaph 
10.30 am Lockhart Anzac Day March - gather Commercial Hotel 
6.00 am  Temora Dawn Service - Cenotaph Callaghan Park
10.30 am Temora Anzac Day March - gather at Court House
10.30 am The Rock Anzac Day Service and March - Cenotaph 
6.00 am Wagga Wagga Dawn Service - Victory Memorial Gardens
6.30 am Wagga Wagga RSL Commemorative Service - Wagga war Cemetary 
10.30 am Wagga Wagga Anzac Day March - gather Baylis St & Morgan St
11.15 am Wagga Wagga Commemorative Service - Victory Memorial Gardens

The ANZAC spirit forged at Gallipoli will never be forgotten. Show your support by attending your local ANZAC Service.

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Today I bundled up my four.  We made a little group heading off to the parade in the nearby village.  The cenotaph  was surrounded by people ~ farmers who had taken time off their tractors in the middle of sowing to remember, mothers who had bundled up their little ones to pass on the tradition, older men holding wreaths from their clubs, older women  holding their memories at the surface.  These very people who make up Australia .  Together we sat as a small community within our nation and together we are thankful, so very thankful for what we often take for granted ~ our freedom.

 The wind was cool, but the sun was warm.  The temperature was perfect and the flies were out .  I took the children because I want them to know that their freedom isn't something that came without sacrifice.  I want them to appreciate what has been given for them.  I took them in honour of the grey-haired men who marched there with pride.  I took them to honour their Great Grandfathers who gave up a part of their lives as very young men to make Australia what it is today. These very children carry on the bloodlines of true Australian heros.  They even hold the names of some. I hope they will always remember the sacrifice made for them at a time before even their grandparents were alive.  I hope they will retell the stories passed on.  That is the main reason why I take them ~ to keep those memories alive for future generations. 

So Happy Anzac Day friends.  
I hope today you have taken time to thank God for the freedom we have here in Australia, for the men & women who gave of themselves, for the mothers & children who were left behind.

We are so very blessed..... Australia let's remember!
Lest we forget...

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