5 weekly goals

Monday, June 24, 2013

 I thought it would be fun to share with you here 5 of my weekly goals and join up with Amanda from Our heart & Home in her new bloghop .  We are in our first week of the winter holidays this week & after a slow morning I have to sit down & write out my goals & aspirations for not only this week but for these holidays to give me a direction to head in.  It's bound to be a busy week with two dance classes & an excursion day planned with our homeschool group.  To limit to 5 seems ridiculous, yet at least it is achievable on this filled week.


1. Make sure everything is ready for lambing.  The beginning of July comes so quickly & before we know it we may have a needy lamb requiring around the clock feeds.  I don't want to be sitting up at midnight wishing I'd had the forethought to order some supplies. I think all I have left is to order some antibiotic from the vet (sometimes it is the only thing that keeps these little ones who lacked getting the antibody-filled colostrum alive).  

2.  Finish weeding & mulching the side garden.  I am loving spending time outside on the sunny, winter days we sometimes have, but not if it's too cold or overcast like today ( I have to brave it to do the animal jobs very soon brrr...).  The side/ herb garden is 1/6 completed thanks to a few minutes spent on Saturday morning, but I'd love to have it finished sooner rather than later (as the weeds just keep on growing, growing, growing...)

A gift from my wonderful hubby :) (Sorry ~ dodgy ipad pictures grrr...)

3.  Write a review post for a special review I'm doing.  This one isn't for my blog (sorry, as I know you'd all enjoy this product).  I've finished reading the ebook & it is such an excellent book that I couldn't put it down.   Very well written, easy to relate to & very emotional.  I spent half the reading with a box of tissues at my side.  I hope I can do it justice in my review. DONE!

4.  My ironing pile ~ I know I'm not meant to post the 'normal' jobs here, but I've let my pile grow to gigantic proportions ( read 3 weeks worth ~ yikes) & now I must tackle the monster face on before it takes over our family closet (or we loose a child under it's sheer volume). DONE!

5.  Decide what I'm going to do for homeschooling next semester.  We are see-sawing between three different options (one is to just stay with what we are doing).  I've been praying so much about this one.  I wish it were obvious, but it's not & Dave has told me he will support whatever I decide to do, although  he does seem to be leaning towards my least favourite option.  Oh my ~ I wish it were obvious and there was a way I could find peace & support my husband's wishes as well as have some of my own aspirations fulfilled.  

So here's my 5 ~ how about you?  What does your week hold??


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