It's Friday...

Friday, July 5, 2013

And to celebrate that fact I feel like randomly posting about things other than farms & lambs & sheep & & piglets & homeschooling  & why I'm not sewing the kitchen curtains, cleaning the bathroom or doing the farm books....

 The van hasn't been going for the past week & a half & so we haven't left the farm.    We are consequently rather short on fresh food groceries ( as we were restricted to what Dave could bring home in his backpack on the motorbike!  They say necessity is the mother of invention & when the boys & I were missing our regular smoothie treats I remembered some century old (maybe not quite), freezer burnt (definitely were) blueberries lurking in the back of the freezer.  They were found & added to the single black banana which had somehow missed being consumed by the hungry herd& a modified smoothie was made ( just so you know the honey was fresh from the bucket the honey man delivered just the other day :)   The van went to work with Dave today & then I'll be free to drive it tomorrow... where should I go??? (OK there's really not many options, but I can just pretend ...)

 Jud has been playing with the settings on the ipad photo thingy ( technical aren't I?).  He's been making these creepy photos of himself with no eyes & one eye & a head too large for his body.  This one intrigues me the most though.  You see I know that Eli & Jud are identical twins, but to me they look quite different ( not to Dave though ~ poor fellow feels terrible that he can't even tell his sons apart).  But in this photo ( which is both Jud in mirror image) I can in fact see both boys.  The boy on their right looks pure & simply Jud, but on the left looks exactly like Eli.  Which got me to wondering if in fact their opposite inverted nipple is a sign that they are in fact mirror image?  Intriguing...
(Please disregard his dirty face ~ I of course always have my children perfectly groomed at all times......NOT)

 OK a farm one so I haven't left it completely behind.  Zai took this photo at sunset on Wednesday as we were down the paddock unsuccessfully attempting to pull another lamb.  He wanted me to share it on my blog & it really was a beautiful, cold time of day to be outside :)  
Thanks Zai

Ever wonder what I look like?  
Well if you were 4 foot tall this would be your view ~ don't you love these random pictures you find on your camera taken by the children.  Of course I was looking into the sun just to highlight my collection of 'laughing lines' & it was taken on our holiday in April so we had been travelling & I was rather rumpled, but there aren't many pictures of me lurking around ( I'm generally on the other side of the camera) so I thought I'd share this one ( & don't worry I am much more normally proportioned if you are a little taller :)

This one's for his 21st!!! Jud (who doesn't always have dirt on his face I promise) came in after playing outside & I told him it looked like he'd started growing a moustache.  I began to laugh until he looked at me & very deadpan, very seriously & very, very proudly said " Probably have Mum".  I think for that second he really thought he had something over his brothers!   Why oh why do they insist on trying to grow up too soon??? 
At least this moustache could be scrubbed off in the bathtub that night :)

Happy Friday to you all!!

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